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ABOUT RED RUIN productions



Welsh filmmakers Ian Smyth and Rhys George-Lewis have been making films together since 2013. In 2018. they decided to move into the world of feature filmmaking – and so Red Ruin Productions was born.




Story is King. That's our core belief at Red Ruin Productions. As such, our aim is to produce high quality shorts, features and episodic series across a range of genres, with a special focus on story (and character) above all. 


We are committed to continually developing our slate of projects to help create a sustainable future for Red Ruin Productions. Genre is not the defining factor when deciding to tell a story. As such, our slate includes horror, thriller, crime, drama, and documentaries.


That said, the horror genre holds a special place in our hearts, and much of our slate explores the darker side of humanity.

As of 2023, Red Ruin Productions also provides video editing services to UK-based distribution companies. We support physical releases by editing bonus content including interviews, trailers, and behind-the-scenes featurettes.




Red Ruin Productions is based in Wales, UK. Ian resides in the Vale of Glamorgan, and Rhys hails from the depths of the Welsh Valleys, on the cusp of the Brecon Beacons National Park.

It's our Welsh heritage that inspires many of our story ideas, whether it's the country's ancient mythology, urban legends, or historical stories that have yet to be told.




As filmmakers, and film fans, we know the world is hungry for good stories about unique people and places. We feel that Wales has been historically ignored in terms of genre storytelling on the world stage - yes, Wales is often used for locations, but rarely are we shown "Welshness" on-screen. Which is a shame, given how rich the country's history is, and how talented its people are!

What else?

Overall, Red Ruin Productions has two broad (and admittedly grandiose) ambitions.

The first is to help position Wales as a legitimate player in the genre filmmaking arena.

The second is to build a recognizable brand known for its dedication to creating high-quality content.

To find out more about our video editing services, click here.

Hwyl fawr!

Ian & Rhys

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